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Signal PlatformTM


Our Signal Platform™ has been developed for Multifunctional Electrical StimulationTM applications. This patented technology  (see Fig. 1) is capable of synchronous ........

There is also a well thought-out path to miniaturization, to achieve a System-on-Chip (SoC) solution for handheld instruments or implantable clinical devices.

Saving Your Company Valuable Time & Money

Graphical User Interface 1

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Graphical User Interface 2
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Graphical User Interface 3
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An easy to use graphical user interface allows the end-user to define even a complex function of the device without the need for any engineering knowledge. It allows for a user-defined number of inputs and outputs and, in the current version, for up to four controllers.

This platform is intended to significantly decrease time-to-market and development costs for the medical device and instrumentation companies. It will allow, for those working on new sensor developments, to begin integrating their sensors into functional device prototypes early in the process and to be able to utilize a miniaturized, application-specific version of the platform as the back-end in their final products.

A Wide Range of Applications

The Biosensor-Feedback Platform has multiple inputs able to measure and/or combine measurements of several entities, including, e.g., : various electrical signals from both standard electrodes and EKG or EEG electrodes; physiological measurements, including various ions and gases; as well as changes in the biochemical state of tissues, utilizing various biomarkers. An application-specific algorithm can combine those measurements into a diagnostic outcome in a Point-of-Care, field-configurable, or universal (at home) devices. The Platform can also be utilized as a controlled treatment device by implementing an appropriate controller.

Potential Commercial & Biomedical Markets

The Biosensor-Feedback Platform™ provides a flexible and customizable electronic system for sensor measurement, data analysis and storage, as well as controlled electrical stimulation or drug delivery. This platform is valuable for a wide range of markets, industries, and products including:

• Intelligent Electrical Stimulation™
• Diagnostic Devices
• Point-of-Care Devices
• Treatment Efficacy Optimization
• Drug Discovery
• Research Instrumentation
• Drug Delivery
• Neuro-Stimulation
• Cardiac Rhythm Management
• Tissue Regeneration
• Gene Therapy
• Cancer Treatment