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Digital Timing Platform™
Programmable System-on-Chip (SoC)

Solutions in Biomedical, Instrumentation and Precision Control Applications


Our Digital Timing PlatformTM is a family of synchronous counters optimized for custom design. It supports complex, programmable, digital pulse generator functions. It also provides automatic timing for biphasic and alternate pulses for electrical stimulation and other applications. Its flexible design allows for unlimited, reconfigurable signal solutions with the number of synchron• Pulse Generatorsous outputs defined by specific application.
The Digital Timing PlatformTM can be used for implementation of various families of the off-the-shelf digital pulse generator components or as a part of the larger SoC device.

One example of the digital pulse generator family is the EH2000TM Series - patent pending. Those prototypes were developed for low frequency electrical stimulation applications and utilized in research projects. High frequency or lower supply voltage applications are possible with an appropriate choice of the FPGA or SoC technology.


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Key Features

• Synchronous operation
• Precision timing
• Reliable performance
• High degree of flexibility and customization
• Multiple outputs
• Accelerated time-to-market



• Pulse Generators
• Timing and Delay Controllers
• Automatic Test Equipment
• Robotics


• Electrical Stimulators
• Drug Delivery Systems
• Biomedical Instrumentation
• Ultrasound Equipment


Pulse Generator Option Matrix for EH2000TM Series

Function EH2300™ EH2500™ EH2900™
Internal/External Trigger yes/yes yes/yes yes/yes
Programmable Outputs yes yes yes
Pulse A
Delay A
Pulse Train A
Pulse A11
Pulse A22
Pulse B
Delay B
Pulse Train B
Square Pulse 13
Square Pulse 24


1 Pulse A delayed by its own width; can be used for generation of a biphasic pulse with an analog module
2 Pulse A delayed by half a period; can be used for generation of an alternate pulse with an analog module
3 Same repetition rate as pulse A and pulse B
4 Same repetition rate as pulse train A and pulse train B


Pulse Generator Timing Diagram for EH2000TM Series

Technical Specifications for EH2000TM Series for low frequency electrical stimulation applications:

• Fully synchronous system

• Two independently programmable pulses or pulse trains
• Six decades programmable pulse width, delay and interval
• Pulse trains with up to 999 pulses
• Multiple programmable outputs @25mA

• Programmable frequencies 0.01Hz to 500kHz
• Adjustable duty cycle: 0% to 100%
• Resolution: 1µs
• Accuracy: 0.1%